Yoga and Mindfulness Summer Detox Week retreat in Turkey

The Yoga and Mindfulness wellness summer week retreat will be held near Dalyan, Sultaniye on the Köycegiz lake in Turkey. A wonderful week away from all the stress and activities of everyday life. The village of Sultaniye is situated on a volcanic lake and is located in the South of Turkey near the Mediterranean Sea. Near the village there are sulfur baths that help heal the body. In addition, there are also ancient ruins. In short; enough places to really connect with yourself. Furthermore, this retreat is an all inclusive retreat, meaning including flight tickets.

See here an impression of the same retreat in 2017;

" A wonderful mix of mindfulness, yoga and chi kong. Hans Kloosterman shares Buddhist knowledge and experience in different ways: making me aware, explaining the effects of the movements and the different meditations on body and mind . It is mainly because Hans does so wisely, respectfully and humorously, that it sticks and I can apply it myself. If everyone were to go follow this program, we would give ourselves, each other and nature the right attention. " - Kitty Bernardus 

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