MINDFUL AND NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION IN Combination With YOGA Weekend Retreat on the Veluwe

Both in our private situation and in our work you often notice how difficult it is to communicate your message openly and in the right tone of voice. There are 3 reasons why we do not communicate 70%. 

1) Not wanting to hurt the other
2) Afraid of conflict
3) Can't find the right words/formulation 

Not finding the right internal or external words or form of communication leads to suffering: frustration, dissatisfaction and a state of confusio

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Partly for this, the Buddha has devised the 8-fold path to reduce the suffering in yourself and what you cause in others and to increase your happiness experience:

1. to have the right insights - in accordance with the four noble truths: there is suffering, there is a cause of suffering, there is a solution to this suffering, there is a path to the elimination of suffering.
2. having the right intentions - no urge to possess, anger or cruelty
3. using the right words - no lies, raw language / the right tone. Gossip or slander or too much talk
4. acting correctly - not enjoying at the expense of others, no violence against people or animals and not stealing
5. Use the right way of life - a fair and beneficial profession
6. the right effort - the commitment to promote the beneficial
7. Focus the right attention - live and be alert for the here and now
8. Have the right concentration - on the here and now, or on a beneficial object

In this retreat we will mainly work with parts 3, 6, 7 and 8 of the Buddha. By learning the right way of speaking in combination with mindfulness (= mindfulness) and compassion (self-compassion and compassion towards the other) you get a harmonious inner life and with respect to the outside world.

To achieve a relaxed body we will use physical work, various forms of yoga (hatha, dru, yin and chi kong) to remove the physical tension from the body.

To get a relaxed mind and make room for sufficient self-insight, we will first silence the mind in this retreat through classical Buddhist stillness meditation (shamatha / shinee) and then through insight meditation (vipassana / lhagtong) reflect on our own way of communicating.

What is the effect of your way of communicating on 4 levels: physical, emotional, mental and energetic. And do you communicate from your head, heart or stomach? We will work with these insights.

We will work with the theory of the Buddha as well as with Western theories of Marshall Rosenberg, among others, who has written a beautiful book about non-violent communication. Through theory, practice, role play, a basis for a new way of mindful nonviolent communication will be created, without judgment. Taking your own responsibility in this is essential. You can keep pointing to the other person but this cannot be changed. Change starts with you: "Be the change you want to be". If you point to another, 3 fingers point to yourself.

What are the benefits for you?

- Change of your automatic way of communicating. 
- From unwanted / non-beneficial way of communicating to a desired beneficial way of communicating. 
- A greater awareness of it perceptible physical, emotional, mental and energetic effect of the way of communication. 
- Greater awareness of the effect of your communication on the other. Awareness of interdependence. 
- Dropping silences and learning to feel comfortable without filling them up. 
- Learning to ask open questions to better understand the image of others know. 
- Learn to accept what cannot be changed.

Who is this retreat suitable for?

For individuals who want to develop greater awareness and skills on the subject of mindful nonviolent communication. All ages.

The whole is supported with a delicious vegetarian cuisine, nature walks, poems, Buddhist philosophy, rebalancing massages, singing mantras and lots of humor. Sometimes life is hard enough!

Everyone gets a single room. Each room has its own shower and toilet. The beds are already made and towels are ready.

Yoga ensures a healthy and relaxed body and thus paves the way for a deeper inner vision and feeling. We examine and experience our three bodies: the physical body (attitudes), the energetic / emotional body (feeling) and the mental body (thinking). With power, inspiration and connection as a starting point, you learn to recognize and understand your automatic thinking and behavior patterns through yoga and mindfulness exercises. This way you learn to function more effectively, both at home and at work.

During the entire retreat you can enjoy nature walks, get to know inspiring people and you can use the environment for your tranquility. In between, delicious vegetarian meals are prepared.

Below is a review of a participant who participated in a similar retreat in Heerde.

What a wonderful, very intense and especially healing week it was. With you Hans as a very thorough teacher and coach, the week brought me very close to myself again. Many thanks for the practically applicable practical exercises, the varied program and your loving training to gain more insight into ourselves. Many thanks for your personal attention and advice. It has strengthened my decision that I should go my way more, which will make me happy. A very successful week that gave me insight and further inspired me on my spiritual path.

- Els, Yoga Teacher

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14.00 Arrival + room and key distribution
15.00 Introduction + walk
16.30 Yin Yoga
18.00 Raw vegetable snack
19.00 Dinner (light meal Soup & Salad)
20.00 Insight / Reflection meditation on mindful communication + Body scan
21.30 tea
22.00 Good night

07.30 Tension Release yoga (Psoas muscle)
9 AM breakfast
10.00 Breathing theory, head, heart and abdomen connection + taking responsibility for the way you communicate
11.00 Practicing mindful & compassion full of non-violent communication.
12.30 Warm lunch (vegetarian)
13.00 Free time + afternoon assignment mandala communication drawing + massages
16.00 Mindful communication + compassion meditation
17.30 Free time
18.30 Dinner (light meal)
20.00 What do you want to release? What do you really want? Meditation
21.30 Tea
22.00 Good night

07.30 Tension Releas Yoga (Psoas muscle)
9 AM breakfast
10.00 Mindful communication - The new you and how to proceed?
12.30 Warm lunch (vegetarian)
13.00 Free time + massages
15.00 Partial round & healing singing bowls meditation
16.00 Tea and good journey


Min. 8, max. 20 participants.

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Located on 13 hectares of private land on the heath, De Hoorneboeg is an oasis of tranquility in a central location in the Netherlands.

This country estate is a shared dream of a dozen initiators in the field of personal development. From their own background, they all have the desire to create a place for awareness, connection and development. In 2016, their paths crossed and so the plans were made to transform the current conference center into a country estate where individuals and organizations can go for inspiring team sessions, retreats or training sessions.

A place of serene beauty, where time seems to stand still for a moment. A place so powerful that you always want to return to it to recharge and get inspired time and time again. A place to withdraw from the demanding society in which we live. A place in the middle of nature, right in the heart of the Netherlands.

The farms have been completely renovated on the inside, retaining old elements in the style of "serene simplicity". A combination of contemporary design & vintage. Fully equipped: a brand new kitchen, a sonos installation and underfloor heating.

Outside the estate there are a number of beautiful walking and cycling trips and you can easily reach the Loosdrecht Lakes. On our estate we also have a vegetable garden and cidery.

IN DETAIL: ON THE HEI In the 19th century, Mr. Sinkel (van de Winkel van Sinkel) built two beautiful farms with a view of the heath. These monumental farms have known different destinations and have now been transformed into a retreat and inspiration location. They bear the names Stal and Barn and are connected to each other through a corridor.

At Boerderij Stal you will find a large yoga & meditation room, a large kitchen • Spa with sauna, treatment room and relaxation room • not to mention a wonderful large forest garden on the hillside

On the upper floor: • There are 12 single rooms, each with its own bathroom with shower, toilet and sink.

At Boerderij Schuur you will find a large room (the “heizaal”) with a view over the garden and heath. • Spacious library with seating, fireplace and small kitchen and of course the delightful large forest garden on the hill.

On the upper floor: • There are 7 double rooms, each with its own bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. The farms have been completely renovated on the inside, retaining old elements in the style of "serene simplicity". A combination of contemporary design & vintage. Fully equipped: a brand new kitchen, a sonos installation and underfloor heating.


The chef of the farm-to-table restaurant Bij de Tuinman at the Hoorneboeg provides catering for the locations and in the greenhouse in the vegetable garden.

1 PERSON ROOMS: If you prefer a single room, this is also possible. The number of single rooms are limited, so be quick. All rooms have their own bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. The costs for this are € 60 for the entire retreat.

Yoga, Meditatie, Mindfulness Weekend Retraite in Hilversum op Landgoed HoorneboegYoga, Meditatie, Mindfulness Weekend Retraite in Hilversum op Landgoed HoorneboegYoga, Meditatie, Mindfulness Weekend Retraite in Hilversum op Landgoed Hoorneboeg


Every visit to De Hoorneboeg starts with a tranquil drive through a kilometer-long tree-lined avenue along the heath and forest that opens onto the 13-hectare estate. When you arrive at the estate you park in the only parking spot of De Hoorneboeg, between the trees. The rest of the estate is completely car-free and you reach your destination on the country estate by a short walk along ancient paths, through a particularly beautiful and old park forest.


The outdoor location is also easily accessible by public transport. A bus stops at the start of the Hoorneboeglaan. From here it is a nice walk along the heath and forest of about 10 minutes to the country estate. From the NS station in Hilversum you can cycle to De Hoorneboeg in 15 minutes, for example on a public transport bicycle that you can rent very easily there.

International participants: fly to airport at Amsterdam. Rent a car at the airport or take the train to the city of Hilversum (45 min). At the station you can choose a rental bike, the bus or a taxi (15 min)

Yoga, Meditatie, Mindfulness Weekend Retraite in Hilversum op Landgoed HoorneboegYoga, Meditatie, Mindfulness Weekend Retraite in Hilversum op Landgoed HoorneboegYoga, Meditatie, Mindfulness Weekend Retraite in Hilversum op Landgoed Hoorneboeg

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Hans Kloosterman

Hans Kloosterman

Hans Kloosterman has gained much of his knowledge and skills as a monk in a Tibetan monastery and studies body and soul from Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and way of life.
The last 5 years Hans has supplemented his knowledge with partial certificates in Western psychology, mainly focused on stress reduction, burnout and trauma processing.

This background combined with 25 years of entrepreneurial and management experience in the fashion sector in the purchasing, sales and recruitment and selection departments makes Hans a special teacher and coach.

Hans is the author of the bestseller book ‘From snob to monk’. His calling is: “Discovering your True Self”. See also .

Hjet van der Zee 

Henriette van der Zee

In 2004 I started Asana, a center for yoga and massage, and I gladly admit that I have worked the longest with whom I work. One of the reasons is that I am happy to be responsible for the things I do and the choices I make. I do something good, beautiful then! If I do something wrong, I have done it myself and it is up to me to do something with it. I love that. Being responsible for the things you do and creating opportunities to do something with them to learn from. I would like to pass that on by giving yoga and massage.

I have followed various teacher training courses in the field of yoga.
Started at Saswitha in Bilthoven, the Hatha yoga teacher training (4 years).
Then a Poweryoga teacher training (1 year) at YogaMoves, Utrecht and at
Ron van der Post, the dynamic yoga (3 years) plus the one-year master's degree,
in Groningen and Nijmegen.
My first acquaintance with massages was on the advice of my companion who indicated that that would be something that would suit me. I hadn't come up with that idea myself. At Saswitha I started with a basic course and I never stopped. I mainly give Ayurvedic treatments because it contains everything. Especially because it has a preventive effect. Ayurveda is a health science and not a disease theory. That fits with my attitude to life. I have followed a number of training courses with Vaidya Acharya Naveen Gupta, ayurvedic doctor, and worked with him for a period where he did the diagnoses and I did the execution. In addition to being a full-time yoga teacher, I also give treatments from home and at home.

During the retreat you can make an appointment for:

Body oriented balance massage:

Open yourself and relax through focused loving touch. You make contact with places and feelings that need it most. By touching, breathing and paying attention and expressing blocked emotions you get more into your body.
After the massage your energy will flow more smoothly, you will feel softer and closer to yourself.

Cost per session: 60 €, please pay in cash

Ernst van der Zee

Ernst van der Zee

After twenty-five years of designing and leading
My own production company, specializing in Plexiglass machining, it was time to take a different side of myself
give them ample opportunity. My commitment with Henriëtte gave
other subjects and opportunities an opportunity.
Once while studying at the Social Academy in Groningen I was very interested in bodywork. I then started following yoga class and some training in bio energetics.

Only 30 years later did the professional turnaround.
At Saswitha in Bilthoven I did very thorough courses
Ayurvedic massage. It caught me, I turned out to have talent.
In Amersfoort I did weekly emotional training
bodywork. I started training as an energetic therapist
at Mens & Intuition, also in Amersfoort. It was purely energetic
too floaty for me. The physical contact is more my entry into healing.
A wonderful training as a cranio-sacral therapist followed at PCSA in Bussum. Finally, I followed a basic year of Shiatsu and traditional Chinese medicine at Qing Bai. But diseases (and healing) hardly have my interest. Mental awareness and possibility of liberation all the more.

In the meantime, massaging had become my profession. Especially when I started working a few days a week in Fontana Nieuweschans and sauna de Waterlelie in Zevenhuizen, where I have been running the massage department for three years. In addition, I give massages or cranio treatments at our practice at home or on location.

If guests are often impressed by the excellent treatment with really profound effect, I always owe myself to the Ayurvedic massage principles. It is the mother of all massage forms. A number of times I have been able to pass on these techniques and my experience in short courses; very nice!


Marianne van den Heuvel

Marianne van den Heuvel

My name is Marianne van den Heuvel. I work as a vegetarian and vegan chef and have specialized more and more in Ayurveda and Vedic cuisine in recent years. I love to see how happy people get from this food and how well it works for their body and mind, even people who are used to a completely different way of eating. After so many years of cooking; in restaurants, retreats and for my own catering in the Netherlands and the years that I lived abroad, I also like to share this beautiful kitchen with people who want to learn it.

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You will receive ....

during this weekend retreat

* 2 nights in a shared room
* Theory & communication exercises & yoga & mindfulness lessons  
* Silent periods, for example during nature walks, some lunches and meditations 
* Unlimited water, tea, coffee and fruit 
* 3 vegetarian meals a day 
* 2 weeks in advance you will receive an email with more info / details and a carpool list

Costs and Data

The costs for this weekend are 595 euros incl. VAT (full board) for a single room. For people from the same household you can share a room at 100 euro discount. The Bestseller book “from Snob to Monk” can be purchased and signed on the spot by Hans. Price: 19.95.

Besides this additional massages can be booked;

1 hour Massage: + & euro; 60.00 per person (to be paid in cash)
1.5 hours Massage: + & euro; 90.00 per person (to be paid in cash)

There are many massages available during this retreat. Performed by Ernst-Jan and Hjet van der Zee
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Earlier experiences of participants

The retreat of nonviolent communication was wonderful! The location; Land van Nu is located between green Groningen meadows and the care is particularly good. Aryvedic was specially prepared for our group: very healthy and delicious. You just felt the energy flow in. Occasionally people ate in silence, which was also very pleasant. The room was fine and the sauna was turned on on request. For an extra fee we could be massaged by Henriëtte and she also gave a nice yoga class one morning.

The course: Hans Kloosterman provides a safe group and environment. Within this he alternates mindfulness meditations and walking, information about the technique, yoga / movement theory with the practice of non-violent communication.

I have gained a lot of insight into this form of communication. For example, being reactive towards others is mainly related to your own old pain. That daring to be vulnerable and asking for help are necessary for non-violent communication. Once at home, this appears to apply well as long as I am aware of it. That is very nice because then everything you learn does not stay where you learned it. In short, this retreat is really recommended if you need loving connections and relationships with others, close by or further away from you. Moreover, you really rest from these four days. I'm glad I awarded this to myself.

Thank you Hans and the other participants. Namasté

- Deirdre van der Wolk

Signing up

You can sign up for the following dates

Fri 10-09-2021 - Sun 12-09-2021

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Way of payment
You can wiretransfer the amount to the bankaccount noted in your confirmation e-mail after you have signed up.

If you are in possession of a dutch Bank account, you can pay through iDeal. After you've signed up you will receive an automatic confirmation email in which the payment details and an iDeal payment link is included. If you can, please try to pay with iDeal as it diminishes the administration time. Using iDeal will automatically process your payment. If it's not possible you can wire transfer the amount. See the bank-details on the invoice or watch under my website/contactdetails. Many thanks.

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