MINDFUL AND NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION IN Combination With YOGA Weekend Retreat on the Veluwe

Both in our private situation and in our work you often notice how difficult it is to communicate your message openly and in the right tone of voice. There are 3 reasons why we do not communicate 70%. 

1) Not wanting to hurt the other
2) Afraid of conflict
3) Can't find the right words/formulation 

Not finding the right internal or external words or form of communication leads to suffering: frustration, dissatisfaction and a state of confusio

Earlier experiences of participants

The retreat of nonviolent communication was wonderful! The location; Land van Nu is located between green Groningen meadows and the care is particularly good. Aryvedic was specially prepared for our group: very healthy and delicious. You just felt the energy flow in. Occasionally people ate in silence, which was also very pleasant. The room was fine and the sauna was turned on on request. For an extra fee we could be massaged by Henriëtte and she also gave a nice yoga class one morning.

The course: Hans Kloosterman provides a safe group and environment. Within this he alternates mindfulness meditations and walking, information about the technique, yoga / movement theory with the practice of non-violent communication.

I have gained a lot of insight into this form of communication. For example, being reactive towards others is mainly related to your own old pain. That daring to be vulnerable and asking for help are necessary for non-violent communication. Once at home, this appears to apply well as long as I am aware of it. That is very nice because then everything you learn does not stay where you learned it. In short, this retreat is really recommended if you need loving connections and relationships with others, close by or further away from you. Moreover, you really rest from these four days. I'm glad I awarded this to myself.

Thank you Hans and the other participants. Namasté

- Deirdre van der Wolk

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Naar aanleiding van mijn nieuwe boek “WAT IS GELUK” heb ik deze retraite samengesteld. Het boek verschijnt in december.


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