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Autobiography of an entrepreneur and Buddhist Hans Kloosterman


From snob to monk






Entrepreneur and Buddhist Hans Kloosterman (50) has written an autobiographical book about a remarkable turnaround in his life: From snob monk. The book is from September 1, 2014 available in bookstores and at
Inspire people to look at their own life. With that purpose, Hans Kloosterman wrote Van snob to monk. He describes his career in business, his entrepreneurial skills in recruitment, his luxurious life, his relationships and the big change. A car accident showed him the way to his true path of life: Buddhism and detachment. Besides a biography of a quest from snob to monk it is also a guide to bring mindfulness into practice: how to transform your thinking and behavior patterns and how Buddhist insights and meditations can be helpful.

Hans Kloosterman is a Tibetan Buddhist and studying at the Tibetan Kagyu Vasjrayana institute in Belgium Huy, a small monastic community with some lamas, monks and nuns. He lived for six years as a monk in training and studied for nine years Buddhism. He teaches hatha yoga, Chi Kong and meditation. In mindfulness training, he teaches people to be involved in everything they do, to be fully present in the moment and to be aware at three levels: physically, emotionally and mentally. His calling: Creating Awareness.


Hans Kloosterman, from snob to monk, available from the 1st of October in English.

299 pages.

ISBN 978-90-818639-8-8

€ 19,95




Placed on; 26-08-2014

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