Open your heart

We will focus on the heart this midweek. The heart is central. We are in the head too much and live less and less from the heart. We are going to open the heart and remove blockages on the heart chakra. This way you can fully enjoy

keep yourself and make the optimal connection with the other person out of free will and love it just as much. Then there is no duality but wholeness and then you live from the heart in unity, love, light, freedom and joy.

The beautiful virtues such as love, compassion, passion, natural kindness and joy live in the heart. We are going to work on a good balance between belly, heart and head. Learn to make contact with the silence and softness of the heart. The heart distributes the energy to the lower 3 chakras and the upper 3 chakras

About the retreat
What is the programme?
Where is the retreat?
Who leads the retreat?
What do you get?
What does it cost?
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How are we going to do that?

• Yoga, Chi Kong and Taoist physical exercises aimed at opening the heart.
• Meditations and mindfulness exercises to activate and increase the heart qualities / virtues, the so-called 4 transcendent virtues from Tibetan Buddhism.
• Dance the heart sutra dance.
• To treat the Prajna paramita, the wisdom of the heart, the heart sutra of the Buddha. Form is emptiness and emptiness is form. Sing the mantra that comes with it.
• Hridaya mantra + mudra to surrender to the deep level of consciousness present in the heart.
• Pranayama / breathing exercises to balance the abdomen, heart and head, as well as transformational breathing to remove blockages in the heart.
• Communicate from the heart: practice open dialogue from the heart, learn to communicate non-violently.

Leven vanuit je Hart Retraite in Tibetaans Klooster Huy België

Inspirational movies

Do you like to get an impression of Helios, the 'Megakota' course room, Hans and the midweek retreat? Then look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEZPcQdCxAM

I would also like to share two inspiring videos with you from Adam Roa that beautifully display the theme for this summer midweek: 'You're the one you're looking for', click on these links to view them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt5_3cbo31I&t=137s and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt5_3cbo31I

Retraite in Tibetaans Klooster Huy BelgieRetraite in Tibetaans Klooster Huy BelgiëRetraite in Tibetaans Klooster Huy België

Yoga takes care of...

a healthy and relaxed body, thus paving the way for a deeper inner vision and feeling. We examine and experience our three bodies: the physical body (attitudes), the energetic / emotional body (feeling) and the mental body (thinking). With power, inspiration and connection as a starting point, you learn through yoga and mindfulness exercises to recognize and understand your automatic thinking and behavior patterns. Through the insights during these lessons you are able to better shape your life and to broaden your consciousness. This way you learn to function more effectively, both at home and at work.

During the entire midweek you can enjoy a nice collection of yoga books and magazines, nature walks, meet inspiring people and you can use the environment for your tranquility. In between, delicious vegetarian meals are prepared.

Number of participants

The minimum number of participants in this retreat is 8, the maximum is 30.

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The sessions to be followed are not mandatory. Take your relaxation if you feel that you need it. All meals are vegetarian.


14.00 Reception and distribution of rooms
15.00 Introduction
16.00 Hatha Yoga on the heart + Chi Kong
17.30 Break
7 pm Dinner
20.00 Meditation on love & kindness, equanimity, compassion and joy.
21.00 tea
22.00 Good night

7.00 Yoga on the Psoas muscle, discharge, release of old tension and unrest.
8.15 Breakfast
9.30 Silent walk through the woods
10.50 Coffee & tea break
11.00-12.00 Mandala drawing from the heart. How does your heart feel now? + discuss.
12.00 Lunch
12.30 Karma yoga
13.00 Free time
16.00 Pranayama / breathing exercises. Solve blockages around the heart. Where does it flow and where does it not flow?
17.30 Snack
7 pm Dinner
20.00 Meditation on the heart / love from Buddhism
21.00 tea
22.00 Good night

Wednesday (Silent day)
7.00 5 Tibetan Yoga, Healing sounds of the Tao
8.15 Breakfast
9.30 Blockages on the heart, what stops you from opening your heart / living from your heart? Or what is needed to open your heart / to live from your heart?
10.50 Coffee & tea break
11.00-12.00 Meditation on your life path / life from the heart
12.00 Lunch
13.00 karma yoga
13.30 Free time
16.00 Yin yoga on the heart
17.30 Snack
7 pm Dinner
20.00 Prajna heart / wisdom parameter sutra of the buddha + mantra singing
21.00 tea
22.00 Good night

7.00 5 Tibetan Yoga, Healing sounds of the Tao
8.15 Breakfast
9.30 Walking in the nature
10.50 Coffee & tea break
11.00-12.00 Mindful communication
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Free time
16.00 yin yoga
17.30 Snack
18.00 Attending Tibetan prayer
7 pm Dinner
20.00 Meditation on your life path / life from the heart. This is what I really want!
21.00 tea
22.00 Good night

7.00 Various Yoga, summary
8.15 Breakfast, in the dining room
9.00 Clean up rooms and put things in the car
10.00 Share, deepen and connect + Discuss drawing / mandala +
11.00 Action list to start living from your heart.
11.30 Singing bowls concert
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Tea and Good trip!

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Retraite in Tibetaans Klooster Huy BelgieRetraite in Tibetaans Klooster Huy Belgiëhuy-tibetaans-instituutRetraite Tibetaans Klooster Huy BelgieRetraite Tibetaans Klooster Huy BelgieRetraite Tibetaans Klooster Huy Belgie

+ Who leads the retreat? (Click to expand)

Hans Kloosterman

Begeleider Hans  Kloosterman

Hans Kloosterman is a Tibetan Buddhist and studies at the Tibetan Kagyu Vashrayana Institute in Huy, Belgium, which has a small monastery community with several lamas, monks and nuns. He lived for six years as a training monk and has been studying Buddhism since 2005. From 2000 to 2005 he followed the 3-year hatha training and 2-year meditation training at Osmose in The Hague. He teaches classical hatha yoga, Chi Kong and stillness, analytical and non-dual meditation, namely shamatha, vipassana and samadhi.
In mindfulness training he teaches people to be fully present in everything they do and to become aware on three levels: physically, emotionally and mentally. The 8 week mindfulness training 1.0 for beginners becomes data according to MBSR training by Jon Kabat Zinn. Hans himself has written a follow-up: Mindfulness 2.0, where Vipassana meditation and the development of the 10 virtues, including compassion, are central.
He organizes yoga & mindfulness workshops, training and travel at home and abroad.


Hans is the author of the bestseller book "From snob to monk". His calling is: "Discovering your True Self". See also on www.hanskloosterman.com.

Read more about Hans Kloosterman 


About Erna Vonck

Erna Vonck

Erna Vonck (1959) gives hatha yoga, dru yoga, ayurvedic massage, ayurvedic cooking. As a Sport in Beweging teacher, there was an awareness of how important relaxation is.

She first followed the Astanga Yoga training with Tony Goes in Montfoort, after which the Saswitha Yoga teacher training in Bilthoven. The specialization year was devoted to yoga for the elderly and teenagers. Additional modules included Breathing therapy and Ayurveda.

Erna has been associated for several years with a school community in Laren where she teaches yoga to teenagers. She has completed the Ayurvedic massage course at Jade in Utrecht and is also working as a masseuse.

All things share the same breath, the beast, the tree, the man ... the air shares its spirit,

with all the life it supports. ~ Chief Seattle


Hjet van der Zee 

Henriette van der Zee

In 2004 I started Asana, a center for yoga and massage, and I gladly admit that I have worked the longest with whom I work. One of the reasons is that I am happy to be responsible for the things I do and the choices I make. I do something good, beautiful then! If I do something wrong, I have done it myself and it is up to me to do something with it. I love that. Being responsible for the things you do and creating opportunities to do something with them to learn from. I would like to pass that on by giving yoga and massage.

I have followed various teacher training courses in the field of yoga.
Started at Saswitha in Bilthoven, the Hatha yoga teacher training (4 years).
Then a Poweryoga teacher training (1 year) at YogaMoves, Utrecht and at
Ron van der Post, the dynamic yoga (3 years) plus the one-year master's degree,
in Groningen and Nijmegen.
My first acquaintance with massages was on the advice of my companion who indicated that that would be something that would suit me. I hadn't come up with that idea myself. At Saswitha I started with a basic course and I never stopped. I mainly give Ayurvedic treatments because it contains everything. Especially because it has a preventive effect. Ayurveda is a health science and not a disease theory. That fits with my attitude to life. I have followed a number of training courses with Vaidya Acharya Naveen Gupta, ayurvedic doctor, and worked with him for a period where he did the diagnoses and I did the execution. In addition to being a full-time yoga teacher, I also give treatments from home and at home.

Contribution for her massages; 60 euros for 1 hour and 90 euros for 1.5 hours

+ What do you get? (Click to expand)

You get during this midweek:

* 4 nights in a shared room (room only for an additional charge)
* Silent periods, for example during nature walks, some lunches and meditations
* Unlimited water, tea, coffee and fruit
* 3 vegetarian meals per day
* Holistic massage (not included in the price)

For an additional charge of € 10 per night you can only reserve a room. This of course as long as stocks last ...

In the free time in the program there is the possibility to book a massage.
Price: 60 euros for 1 hour, 90 euros for 1.5 hours. Payment for this takes place on the spot in cash.

Specify in the comments field, during registration, if you are interested in this. 

+ What does it cost? (Click to expand)


The cost for this week is 695 euros incl. VAT (full board).

In addition, there is also a choice of various comfortable living areas, however, an additional price is charged per week for this:

Double room (2 single beds) to be used as a single room with a shared bathroom and toilet Surcharge € 80,-- per room
Large studio with private bathroom and toilet Surcharge € 160,-- per room
Renting a set of sheets (duvet + pillow are available) Surcharge € 9,-- per person

The Bestseller book "from Snob to Monk" can be bought on site and signed by Hans. Price: 19.95.

Signing up

You can sign up for the following dates

Mon 27-07-2020 - Fri 31-07-2020

Sign up

Way of payment
You can wiretransfer the amount to the bankaccount noted in your confirmation e-mail after you have signed up.

If you are in possession of a dutch Bank account, you can pay through iDeal. After you've signed up you will receive an automatic confirmation email in which the payment details and an iDeal payment link is included. If you can, please try to pay with iDeal as it diminishes the administration time. Using iDeal will automatically process your payment. If it's not possible you can wire transfer the amount. See the bank-details on the invoice or watch under my website/contactdetails. Many thanks.

Click on the Sign up button to proceed to the sign up form.

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