What is TRE®?

TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) is a method that helps release deep muscle tension caused by exertion, stress, or trauma. Through a natural trembling mechanism in muscle and connective tissue, tension is discharged, making room for recovery and resilience.

When is TRE interesting for you?

Almost everyone is familiar with the spontaneous tremors and movements of the body after an intense event or during severe stress. This trembling is often seen as bothersome and useless, and we try to suppress it. Dr. David Berceli, the founder of TRE, discovered that these tremors are crucial for releasing tension in the body and restoring calm in the nervous system. Trembling is not a part of the problem but a part of the solution. It is our natural recovery reflex. The muscle tremors you initiate with TRE are generally experienced as pleasant and relaxing.

Trauma means: both mild and overwhelming events that consciously or unconsciously have a significant impact on physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels. Many traumas you are not aware of or have buried deep because they are too confronting (subconscious traumas). We have a fantastic survival mechanism that gives trauma a place in the body and mind so that you can function again. Unfortunately, the dynamics of these traumas are still in your body. They manifest in physical complaints, intense emotions, confusing and intense thoughts, being absent and easily distracted, experiencing restlessness, inability to sit still, grinding teeth, and moving legs in bed.

With TRE, American Dr. David Berceli developed a method for healthy self-regulation and discharge of the Psoas muscle. When you learn it properly, you can use it independently as needed. It gives you control over your own stress regulation.

The practice of TRE has improved the health and well-being of many people in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Tension Releasing Exercises is indeed a self-help method, but you need to learn it correctly first. Therefore, it is recommended to perform these exercises with a TRE certified specialist.

After a short professional guidance, you will soon see results: more inner peace and calmness. You will experience more space and freedom in your body and more peace in your mind.

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