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Living from the Heart Retreat July 2020

This morning on my own cushion again meditated after a nice midweek in Huy. A friendly smile and tears of joy and gratitude appeared. Grateful for the beautiful meditations and yin yang yoga, the group that carried and worn each other by Hans, Hans, Henriette and Erna, the monastery and its people. Everything is there so that we can become an even more beautiful version of ourselves.

- Carin

Placed on: 03-08-2020

Non-violent Communication 4-day Retreat

The retreat of nonviolent communication was wonderful! The location; Land van Nu is located between green Groningen meadows and the care is particularly good. Aryvedic was specially prepared for our group: very healthy and delicious. You just felt the energy flow in. Occasionally people ate in silence, which was also very pleasant. The room was fine and the sauna was turned on on request. For an extra fee we could be massaged by Henriëtte and she also gave a nice yoga class one morning.

The course: Hans Kloosterman provides a safe group and environment. Within this he alternates mindfulness meditations and walking, information about the technique, yoga / movement theory with the practice of non-violent communication.

I have gained a lot of insight into this form of communication. For example, being reactive towards others is mainly related to your own old pain. That daring to be vulnerable and asking for help are necessary for non-violent communication. Once at home, this appears to apply well as long as I am aware of it. That is very nice because then everything you learn does not stay where you learned it. In short, this retreat is really recommended if you need loving connections and relationships with others, close by or further away from you. Moreover, you really rest from these four days. I'm glad I awarded this to myself.

Thank you Hans and the other participants. Namasté

- Deirdre van der Wolk

Placed on: 31-10-2019

Lifecoaching & Therapy August 2019

Humor, commitment, expertise, combined with many useful techniques, that is what Hans has offered me. I enjoyed the life coaching route. It has put me on the trail of a better life, with more compassion for myself and others. The meditations pronounced by Hans are a nice tool to stay on the chosen path. Hans is free of judgments and is completely focused on making you understand: you can always just start over!

- Henriette 

Placed on: 02-09-2019

Lifecoaching & Therapy August 2019

I came to Hans a second time as I still felt so much sadness and did not understand where this came from. This has been going on in Mn life for quite some time. A deep sense of not being good enough even though I am a strong self-confident woman and am happy with who I am.

Hans has taken me to an earlier experience why I still seemed to be sad. When I thought back to it, I still had to cry. Then I was 8 years old. Not convenient. By means of a trauma processing tap technique (Emotional Freedom Technique) where you tap on 10 acupuncture pressure points while thinking of the negative event, I now slowly feel that this sadness is finally disappearing. By tapping, serotonin enters the blood and the negative event is overwritten on the primary brain. I feel more and more light and free from sorrow that I could not trace. Be strong in Mn shoes, also from very deep inside, and dare to show myself even more as I am. What a wonderful gift. Thank you Hans.

- Titia Dijkstra

Placed on: 02-09-2019

Mindfulness Training 1.0 February 2019

I have had a lot of mindfulness training. I followed a yoga teacher training myself and always thought that mindfulness I know.

I have experience with meditation and silence. Still, the training gave me a lot and more than expected. Well constructed, practical and methodical. In addition, you also get a dose of lightness with Hans, which makes it a very nice workout.

- Annemiek van Dulmen

Placed on: 04-05-2019

Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat in a Tibetan Monastery April 2019

It was a complete and unique experience. Both the location, the activities, the silence and the vegetarian meals fit in the picture. The teachers, Hans and Erna are complementary to each other; Hans, with a touch of humor and Erna with her softness, what they say and do really comes in! I recommend it to everyone.


Placed on: 04-05-2019

Mindfulness Training 1.0 February 2019

Recently I participated in the 8 week mindfulness because I felt very rushed and did not consciously experience my life.

Through Hans Kloosterman I heard that this course existed and he advised me to join in and experience it myself.

The first lesson for me was getting used to because I am not used to making time for myself. A few weeks later, meditating and experiencing tranquility as well as being mindfull began to become my own and I use it over and over again.

I have felt much more comfortable since I participated and notice that my life has become more pleasant.

Thank you Hans for this gift to myself.

I can definitely recommend this course. Nice and educational .. relaxed and a beautiful view of the future.

- Robbert-Jan

Placed on: 04-05-2019

Mindfulness Training 1.0 February 2019

The mindfulness training with Hans was really an eye opener for me. I entered with a wait and see attitude and with more peace, wisdom and space in my head I came out. Mindfulness and yoga has brought me more compassion and patience for others, without crossing my own limits. I can now better monitor the balance between "must" and "feeling to follow" and have gained more insight into my own actions. Hans brings his wise lessons in a very warm way with a healthy dose of humor. I can recommend this to anyone and I will certainly continue it myself, preferably with Hans.


Placed on: 04-05-2019

Mindfulness Training 1.0 September 2018

I have taken 8 week mindfulness course under the guidance of Hans. The course was very well defined and Hans has made it really interesting and fun to do. Together with learning about mindful meditation some time was also spent on learning the basics of yoga which really helped me to keep on continuing with yoga. Though all the participants except me in the course were Dutch speakers but Hans made it really easy by communicating and cooperating both in English and Dutch. This alone explains enough that how much patience and understanding he has while dealing with his students. Hans has vast knowledge about human mind and body and it all comes down to so called body engineering. Having a healthy mind and body is our birth right and it is essential to learn about it in today's robotic life to make living more smooth and peaceful. What I liked about him is that he doesn’t only act as a teacher but instead he feels you, he tries to understand you, your problems and then adjust himself as per in terms of training and guiding. Tea, fruits and snacks were well taken care of during the course. I came to Hans (found via google search) when I was going through a very turbulent period and it all worked out very well after successfully completing the 8 week course. I have learnt a lot about body and mind which further results in calming down of the turbulence. Other thing which I really finds interesting about Hans is that he has actually spent few years of his life living as a Monk in countries like India, Tibet, Nepal. No doubt that it has made him an excellent and wonderful teacher. I admire his patience, way of communicating and transferring the knowledge. In case you are going through some hard times and looking for a mindfulness meditation guru, I definitely recommends you to visit Hans once.

- Jatinder

Placed on: 30-11-2018

Mindfulness Training, 2014

Eveline van Lent“Een intensieve cursus met dagelijkse oefeningen, maar absoluut een cadeautje voor jezelf. De cursus heeft mij beter inzicht gegeven in mijn onzekerheden, waardoor ik deze heb kunnen verminderen met Mindfulness oefeningen. Daarnaast heb ik ook aandacht kunnen geven aan mijn sterke kanten, dingen waar ik energie van krijg en waar ik gelukkig van wordt. Resultaat: meer zelfvertrouwen, bewuster van emoties en gedachten, sta steviger in mijn schoenen. Geleerd: ‘onderzoek & ervaar’, ‘sta open voor de toekomst’.”

Placed on: 30-04-2016

Mindfulness Retreat, Huy 2016

Sylvia PardonTijdens de retraite werd je uitgenodigd om vanuit non-dualistisch perspectief je ego-geest te ontrafelen en bewust te worden van je innerlijke conditioneringen.  Het werd een boeiende ontdekkingsreis met diepe, vloeiende ervaringen. Waarbij je verstilling en inzicht ontwikkelt vanuit meerdere disciplines.  De intensieve reflectie naar binnen toe, zonder verstoringen werd waar gemaakt door diep menselijke en deskundige begeleiding, overgoten door een vleugje humor.  En dit alles in een sereen kader.  Top!

Sylvia Pardon, Directeur Preventie en Welzijn – De VoorZorg provincie Antwerpen

Placed on: 30-03-2016

Mindfulness Retreat, Huy 2016

Saskia Cox was bij de Mindfulness Retraite in Huy met Hans KloostermanLieve Hans,

Dank voor de prachtige retraite in Huy. De plek is een inspiratie. Hoe bijzonder is het om een uurtje van Nederland Tibetaanse rites mee te maken? De atmosfeer in het klooster in de tempels dringt door tot in iedere vezel. Zelfs in mijn slaapkamer (een hele fijne 1 persoons studio met badkamer) was de sfeer sereen. Je weekend heeft bij mij gewerkt alsof er op reset is gedrukt. De meest ideale instellingen zijn weer terug. Ik mag weer met een schone geest en lichaam opnieuw beginnen. Een kleine wedergeboorte. En de handvaten die je ons leerde en meegaf helpen mij om vast te houden wat ik kreeg. Dank en liefs vanuit het Limburgs heuvelland. Ik wens je alle goeds, Saskia Cox-Steenbergh

Placed on: 23-03-2016

Linkedin Recommendation

Hans is a congenial person to work with: professional, honest and clear in communication.
His positive attitude and sense of humor work inspiring.
I learned a lot from Hans and hope one day we’ll work together again.

Karen Braet

Placed on: 24-10-2014

Linkedin Reccomendation

For all individuals working in Benelux fashion, Hans Kloosterman is a familiar name. I have met Hans shortly in november 2009 for a position at Paul Smith. Besides beïng a well educated recruitment professional, Hans showed me a open and optimistic personality. Communicating and doing business follows naturally. Isn't this what 'lifestyle'is all about?

Koen Eiting

Placed on: 24-10-2014

Linkedin Recommendation

Annemarie Paol

I got to know Hans as a person with a very wide range of talents in between he can easily switch depending on the situation. He has a natural hunger to continiously develop his skills and qualities. Hans is creative and commercial which is a great combination. His serious and sunny side make him a "never dull moment" man.

Placed on: 24-10-2014

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