Yoga & Mindfulness week retreat in Sintra - Portugal

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This retreat will take place 21 - 28th of June 2019

The yoga & Mindfulness week will be held 30 minutes from Lissabon in the Eco hostel & retreat centre Aalma, based in Sintra. The Aalma Eco Hostel is built in the 12 th century and has 3,5 ha of luxurious gardens.The name Aalma is the Portugese word for SOUL.  Sintra means MOON. 300 years before Christ a Keltic moontemple was located here.

Look at an impression of the last retreat;


" A beautiful mix of mindfulness, yoga and chi kong. In which Hans Kloosterman shares his bhuddistic knowledge and experience in various ways. This made me become very aware. He explains well what the effects of the meditation excersizes are on the body and mind. It is mainly the way how Hans does this, wise, respectful, and funny, which makes it stick and you can apply it yourself. If everyone would do this programme we could give proper attention to ourselves and natures. " - Kitty Bernardus



Retraite Sintra PortugalRetraite Sintra PortugalRetraite Sintra PortugalRetraite Sintra PortugalRetraite Sintra PortugalRetraite Sintra PortugalRetraite Sintra PortugalRetraite Sintra PortugalRetraite Sintra Portugal

Presentation of the location.


When the Moors occupied the area in the 8th century, they named the region Chintra or Zintira. In 1147, after the conquest of Lisbon the garrison of the Castelo dos Mouros surrendered to the troops of King Alfonso I of Portugal.

It became later a favorite place to have your summerhouse for the rich and famous. Sintra has a microclimate and it is 10 degrees cooler than in the rest of the country. I lies at 600 meter, has more rain and is therefore extremely green. With all the beautiful castles in the neighborhood there is a kind of romantic mystical sphere.


The area has a number of palaces and castles:

The teacher

Hans Kloosterman is a Tibetan buddhist and studied at the Tibetan Kagyu Vasjrayana institute in Huy, Belgium, that has a small monastery community with several lamas, monks and nunns. He has lived six years as a monk in training and studies buddhism since 2005. From 2000 until 2005 he has followed the 3 year hatha training and 2 year meditation training at Osmose in The Hague. He teaches classic hatha yoga, Chi Kong and various meditations such as the non dual meditation (shamatha, vipashyana and samadhi).

During a mindfulness training he teaches people to be fully present in the here and now at everything they do and to make them aware on three levels: physical, emotional, and mentally. The 8 week mindfulness training 1.0 (for beginners) is given according to the MBSR training from Jon Kabat Zinn. Hans has designed an sequal: Mindfulness 2.0, in which Vipashyana meditation and developing the 10 virtues, such as compassion, play an important role.

He organizes yoga & mindfulness workshops, courses and retreats in The Netherlands and abroad.

Hans is the author of the recently released autobiographic book "From snob to monk". His calling is: Creating Awareness. 

More about Hans Kloosterman

We offer:

- 7 nights in a shared room
- 2 yoga & mindfulness lessons per day
- Mindfulness workshops on how to increase your awareness & energy level
- Calmness (Shamatha) & Insight mediation (Vipassana) & Non dual meditation (Samadi)
- Silent periods, during the walks in nature, some lunches and meditations
- Unlimited water, tea, coffee and fruit
- 3 vegetarian biological meals a day
- Excursion to a prehistorical forest
- Excursion to the Buddhist center ( 4 km from Sintra)
- Excursion to the dunes, beach, and sea
- Excursion to a biological beefarm.
- Possibility of a Holistic massage for 50 euro per hour ( not included in the price)

There are mountainbikes available and my rental car can be used for exploring the area.

Please note: it’s not obligatory to follow lessons or excursions

Retraite Sintra PortugalRetraite Sintra PortugalRetraite Sintra PortugalRetraite Sintra Portugal

The Programme

Day of arrival

14.00                     Reception en division of rooms
15.00                     Meeting each other
16.00                     Yoga + Chi Kong
17.30                     Break + Snack
19.00                     Diner
20.30                     Mindfulness
21.30                     Tea
22.00                     Good night

1st day

7.30                       Yoga, various styles
9.00                       Breakfast
10.00                      Silent walk through the forests
12.30                     Warm meal (vegetarian)
13.30-16.00            Free time
16.00-17.30            Yoga
17.30                     Snack
19.00                     Diner
20.30-21.30           Mindfulness
21.30                     Tea
22.00                     Good night

2nd day

7.30                      Yoga, various styles
9.00                      Breakfast + free time
11.00                    Tea
11.15-12.15          Mindfulness
12.30                    Warm meal (vegetarisch)
13.30-16.00          Free time
16.00-17.30          Yoga
17.30                    Snack
19.00                    Diner
20.30-21.30          Mindfulness
21.30                    Tea
22.00                    Good Night

Wednesday till Saturday it is the same programme

Wednesday afternoon we will have an excursion to a Buddhist monastery and Thursday is a silent day.
Friday we will have an excursion to the dunes, beach and sea.

Please note: Nothing is obligatory.

Day of departure

7.30                        Yoga
9.00                        Breakfast, in the kitchen area
10.00-11.00             Interaction participants: sharing, connecting, deepening.
11.00-12.00             Mindfulness
12.00-13.00             Lunch
13.00-14.00             Tea and bon voyage!


Cost for this all-inclusive week is € 899, -- per person full pension for a shared room. If you want a single room for yourself then this will cost you 30 euro per day extra.

€ 1199, -- per person is the price for your own room and bathroom in Aalma Hostel

€ 1399, -- per person is the price for a stay in the nearby luxurious bed & breakfast see their website:

Excluded: Flying ticket costs, taxi transport to the hostel in Sintra (40 euro), excursions to castles, holistic massage ( 35 euro).

Sign up

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Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Summer Week Retraite van 21 - 28th June 2019.

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Way of paying

You can wiretransfer the amount to the bankaccount noted in your confirmation e-mail after you have signed up.

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