Vegetarian and vegan dishes are prepared at our retreats / awareness program. Vegan is without the use of honey and dairy products such as milk and eggs. More energy can then go to the awareness of the mind. The digestion of meat, for example, takes 12 hours in the intestines.

Less meat and more vegetables and fruit

A recently published report from the medical journal The Lancet states that the consumption of meat and sugar worldwide must decrease by fifty percent in order to guarantee a healthy and sustainable diet for everyone in 2050.

Our food consumption is also a topic of discussion when drafting the climate agreement in the Netherlands. The Agriculture and Land Use sector proposes an increase in the consumption of fruit and vegetables in order to reverse the ratio of animal and vegetable proteins in our diet from the current 60:40 to 40:60 in 2050.

Eating less animal protein, such as meat and dairy, is not only more environmentally and climate friendly, but also healthier. In the Netherlands, more people are currently overfed than undernourished and the high consumption of meat and dairy is linked to various welfare diseases. Sustainable and healthy go hand in hand!

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