Mission: I guide people to a healthy and happy mental and physical lifestyle!

Vision: Discover your True Self

How: combining eastern and western methods in 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching/training, retreats.

Hans is member of the VMBN Vereniging and certified as Mindfulness Trainer Category 1

 In search for donors

I am looking for donors who can and want to support my calling to buy / rent / rent a quiet place in nature. My calling is: "through retreats and 1 on 1 coaching, guiding people to live from their core and helping them free themselves from negative memories of events, feelings and behavior. In this way to arrive in the actual unlimited ARE .......... The Source.

Support my mission / calling by finding a location or donating a financial contribution to the account number of Mama Dharma. The name means in Sanskrit: "my life path and teaching the path to liberation". Account number: NLRABO 0125327145. Thank you for your contribution!

Writer and Inspirator

Humour and Content

My Autobiography

From Snob to Monk

To inspire people to search for their own life path, with that in mind I've written 'From Snob to Monk'. In this book I tell the story about my career, my entrepreneurship in recruitment and selection, my luxury life, my relations and the big turn in my life. A car accident showed me the way to my true lifepath: buddhism and detachment. Apart from being a biography of my search, 'From Snob to Monk' also acts as a guide to bring mindfulness into practice. How do you transform your thought and behavorial patterns and how can buddhist insights and meditations be helpful to accomplish that.

ISBN 978-90-818639-8-8
€ 19,95


"This course showed me my insecurities and helped diminish them!"

Eveline van Lent
Mindfulness Training, 2014

Eveline van Lent

"It gave me more insight..."

"It became a fascinating discovery with deep, flowing experiences!"

Sylvia Pardon
Mindfulness Retreat, Huy 2016

Sylvia Pardon

"It became a fascinating discovery..."

"Your weekend worked like the reset button was pressed."

Saskia Cox-Steenbergh
Mindfulness Retreat, Huy 2016

Saskia Cox-Steenbergh

" a reset button has been pressed!"

Involved and Empathic


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