Mindfulness MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

Almost all of my coaching programs are mindfulness-based. Mindfulness means awareness. Awareness is a quality of the mind that can be developed, where you learn to notice what is physically, emotionally, mentally, or in terms of energy levels, pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral in the present moment. It is a Buddhist concept and practice. You are training a quality of the mind. Often, the training of mindfulness is combined with the training of the quality of concentration. These two form an alliance. The Buddha teaches that developing and understanding the mind begins with learning to notice. After noticing, you can accept something in the mind. If acceptance is not possible, you may become angry, frustrated, anxious, and experience resistance. If acceptance is possible, then you can learn to let go and forgive. Afterward, comes the reflection on how you would like to do things differently now. Then, a new action follows. You reward yourself when you have successfully gone through this cycle of the mind.

To slowly and gently approach trauma in the body and mind, the use of mindfulness, guided meditations, following the breath, and so on can be very useful, providing a safe and relaxed state of being. Afterward, we can gently approach overwhelming past situations with deeper techniques such as TRE, EFT, EMDR, and systemic work/family constellations. The body and mind then have a solid foundation for processing trauma with mindfulness, and the client can rely on these mindful techniques if the system (body and mind) starts to become unbalanced. You can function in a self-directed manner.

Everything at your own pace. The body and mind will indicate when they feel safe enough to open up a painful area in the body and/or the mind. This cannot be forced.

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