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This year we organize beautiful yoga retreats at different locations. Every retreat has its own theme. It is a combination of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, walking, massages and vegetarian food.

Mindfulness Workshops

Nightingale Walk

30-04-2021 - 30-04-2021 in Wassenaarse Slag

Enjoy the nightingale concert during this walk. They make themselves heard from April to mid-June when they are breeding.

€ 0.00

Mindful Mushroom Walk

10-10-2021 - 10-10-2021 in Wassenaarse Slag

Mushrooms can be seen again for the early month of August, the fruiting body of fungi or fungi. These fungi usually live underground near certain plants, shrubs and trees. The best time to see mushrooms in the Wassenaarse Slag is from now until the end of November.

€ 0.00

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