Reimbursement Mindfulness Training

You would like to follow a Mindfulness Training, but you think the costs are rather high or would you like to get some of that money back? There are possibilities to get this reimbursed. You can go to different parties.

Hans Kloosterman has the Mindfulness Trainer Category 1 certificate from the VMBN Association

.... your Healthcare Insurance

Some health insurers offer a reimbursement for the Mindfulness Training. It is important to consult your policy for this. The reimbursements range from 100 euros for a training to 350 euros.

….the tax

The tax authorities state that the costs incurred for study and training aimed at occupation or future occupation (also to be understood as coaching can be conducted under the heading study costs / training expenses. The first € 250.00 of the route are not tax deductible. The invoice must be stated in the year in which the costs were incurred, since the training deduction is a gray area, you must still check with your tax adviser if necessary.This information is not subject to any rights. whether you state the costs of the route to the tax authorities.

In addition, you can include the costs of a training as a deductible item with your income tax return. The costs are deductible in the case of a tax return under the item 'extraordinary medical expenses', if the training is advised by a general practitioner or doctor / specialist. Do check, you are responsible yourself.

.... your Employer

Nowadays, employers are increasingly willing to pay for the costs. Limiting or preventing sick leave / incapacity for work benefits the company and may be covered by the occupational health and safety service. Ask your own employer about the possibilities.

.... an Individual Reintegration Agreement (IRO)

If you receive a benefit, you can inquire with the benefits agency (UWV) about the available financial resources for recovery and reintegration. There is a possibility to conclude an Individual Reintegration Agreement with the UWV (IRO).

The UWV then makes a budget available wholly or partially for a reintegration process or coaching process.


If you are a (starting) entrepreneur, the costs of (start-up) coaching are deductible as business costs.

Or as an entrepreneur you can submit a request to your disability insurance (AOV) or company insurance for employees.

.... a Personal Bound Budget (PGB)

The support by Hans Kloosterman can also be reimbursed from a personal budget.

.... the Replacement Fund

If you work in education, you can make use of the so-called Replacement Fund. This fund reimburses, under certain conditions, guidance for teachers. The teacher can choose a care provider.

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