Lifecoaching and Therapy 


I am specialized and experience expert in the treatment of stress, burnout, light and heavy traumas, non-violent communication and narcissistic abuse. The sessions can be online via Zoom or live on location.

These life coaching & mindfulness & therapy sessions have helped participants with:

  • formulating and making aware of choices and decisions to be made on your life path & career path;
  • changing thinking, emotion, behavior and communication patterns in the super and subconscious mind;
  • increasing your awareness and decreasing your ignorance about yourself and the other;
  • visualizing your pain spots and healing and rooting them in the subconscious mind.
  • reduce suffering and increase happiness.

What is different?

  • The sessions last 2 to 2.5 hours online via Zoom or in my practice in The Hague. The first half hour is free to get to know each other and to visualize the request for help.
  • The coaching & therapy sessions are partially deductible for individuals and companies. [Read more]
  • I see a maximum of 2 customers per day. This gives you full attention.
  • After the session a report is made by me. You also write down your insights after this session. If desired, the session can be recorded on zoom on video so that you can see it in whole or in part. After a day it will be removed and you will have time to download the session on your own computer.
  • I do not see clients once a week but once a month.
  • You will receive customized exercises that you can practice for a month. It is a combination of Eastern and Western methods. Changing patterns takes time.

My background:

Life coaching & therapy is facilitated by Hans Kloosterman. Hans is an entrepreneur, director, life, business, career and relationship coach, author, systemic worker (family constellations) yoga teacher and meditation and mindfulness teacher.

He gained a great deal of his knowledge and skills as a monk in a Tibetan monastery and through his years of study of Buddhism and Hinduism, supplemented with partial certificates in Western Psychology.

The combination of 25 years of working in middle and senior positions in purchasing, sales and personnel / recruitment and selection and career guidance makes Hans a special conversation partner.

Hans is gecertificeerd in:
  • Yoga en Meditatie vanuit de Hindoeïstische filosofie ( 5 jaar studie)
  • Yoga, Meditatie en Mindfulness vanuit de Boeddhistische filosofie ( 15 jaar studie)
  • Mindfulness MBSR leraar via Jon Kabat Zinn 8 weekse methode ( 2 jaar studie) – Aangesloten bij de VMBN vereniging voor Mindfulness-trainers category 1 trainer (registratienummer 2016858)
  • Systemische werken via “Het nieuwe opstellen” bij Hylke Bonnema ( 2 jaar studie)
  • EFT - Emotional Freedom tap Techniek van Gary Craig. Getraind door Psycholoog Steven de Nie in Arnhem
  • TRE – Tension Release Exercises van David Bercelli bij TRE Nederland ( 2 jaar studie)
Meest afgenomen sessies:
  • Relatietherapie
  • 1 op 1 Jaartraject op maat: 8 sessies tot ontwaken/bevrijden van negatieve herinneringen aan negatieve gebeurtenissen, overtuigingen, gevoelens, gedrag en communicatiepatronen. Klik hier hoe zo'n traject eruit kan zien
  • 4 sessies TRE - stress en spanning reducerende oefeningen om de psoas-spier te ontladen naar de methode van David Bercelli
  • 2 uur durende sessie systemisch werk op een vraag/probleemstelling waar helderheid en inzicht bij gevraagd is
  • 1,5 uur wandel-coaching in het bos

What is the investment in yourself?

Individuals ( you pay the sessions from your own budget):

  • Life-coaching and therapy 1 on 1: 125 euro per hour, excl 21% vat
  • Relationship therapy for couples: 175 euro per hour, excl21% vat
  • Systemic work/constellations: 200 euro per hour, excl 21% vat

Companies ( you pay the sessions from your own personal budget from the company):

  • Life, business & executive coaching 1 on 1: 200 euro per hour, excl 21% vat.
  • Duo coaching of couples/mediation/coaching: 350 euro per hour, excl 21% vat.
  • Systemic work/organisation-constellations and group coaching & training: 750 euro per hour, excl 21% vat.
Claire (Utrecht area):
Connecting in a session with Hans is good and quickly feels very safe.
I experienced this very strongly both in his practice in The Hague and now in our online session.
Even the changing dynamics and exchange of very subtle sensitivities and emotions went well. Practicing explaining both physical and mental exercises / methods went amazingly well online.
So nice that it is possible now! I live in the Utrecht area myself, so that saves a lot of travel time.

Read more experience of clients. click here.

The preconditions

The content of the coaching sessions remain secret. Your personal information and data will be treated discreetly and with integrity. Feeling safe is a condition to open during this session, otherwise we cannot work together on the core issues. A path to transformation with new thinking, emotion and behavior patterns can only be developed in a relaxed body and mind and not if the mind is constantly put under pressure. Then the mind keeps going back to old patterns.

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