Lifecoaching and Therapy

Do you have a request for help, are you at an important intersection in your life, do you not experience clarity?
Do you want to increase your self-knowledge through self-examination?

Do you want to heal your pain spots through deeper insight into your formed conscious or unconscious patterns?
Do you want to feel valuable, full of self-love and self-confidence?
Do you want to develop from self-compassion to compassion and increase your meaningful life?
Do you want to become the projector and director of your own film?
Do you want to train more in perspective and become more of an observer of your own film?
Do you want to respond less primarily and respond more wisely to secondary?
Do you want to learn to communicate nonviolently?

Do you want more insight and free yourself from:

- negative memories of events (traumas)?
- negative beliefs?
- negative feelings, emotions and physical pain?
- negative behaviors?

More insight into your relationship and / or cooperation towards the desire and the blockages in your relationship?

More insight into your chosen study, career or how to deal with your life / time format after your working life?

Then it is nice if someone stands next to you and watches you with attention, care and expertise. My passion as a coach is to get you step by step towards the core together with you. With the help of self-examination, I guide you towards relaxation, new insights and their application in daily life and work.

Why is this Coaching Session different?

Background information Hans Kloosterman

Life coaching is facilitated by Hans Kloosterman. Hans is an entrepreneur, director, life, business, career and relationship coach, author, systemic worker (family constellations), yoga teacher and meditation and mindfulness expert. He gained much of his knowledge and skills as a monk in a Tibetan monastery and supplemented by partial certificates in Western Psychology through his many years of studying Buddhism and Hinduism. The combination of 25 years of working in middle and higher management positions in purchasing, sales and personnel / recruitment and selection makes Hans a special discussion partner. 


These life coaching & mindfulness & therapy sessions helped participants with: formulation problems, stress complaints, concentration problems, communication problems, fatigue, addictions, pain, insomnia and disturbing emotions such as uncertainty, doubt, anger, fear, dissatisfaction etc. Research into meditation has shown that the activity of the brain through meditation changes, the amount of cortisol decreases and the melatonin level increases.
Because of all this you relax and sleep better. From a relaxed position it is easier to break habit patterns than from stressful situations. You often shoot back in the old habitual patterns. You learn to control the mind and to choose desired rather than unwanted thinking, emotion, communication and behavioral patterns.


Coaching in combination with mindfulness physical and mental exercises to increase rest, concentration and insight meditation, systemic work / family constellations according to the method of Bert Hellinger / Hylke Bonnema, role playing, NLP, EFT (emotional freedom technique), communication skills / nonviolent communication and any other methods to achieve set goals.


Want to know what Lifecoaching & Therapy can do for you?           

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Make an appointment

Then make an appointment now for a coaching / therapy process where you first tell your life story and provide a detailed picture of your request for help.

We make a treatment plan for 6 to 12 months. Changing thinking, emotion, communication and behavior patterns takes time. We usually meet once a month. The sessions bring clarity, lightness and liberation. In addition, you get customized exercises to practice at home to actually change patterns in your daily practice. 

The preconditions

The content of the coaching sessions remain secret. Your personal information and data will be treated discreetly and with integrity. Feeling safe is a condition to open during this session, otherwise we cannot work together on the core issues.

A transformation trajectory with new thinking, emotion and behavior patterns can only be developed in a relaxed body and mind and not if the mind is constantly put under pressure. Then the mind keeps going back to old patterns.

Want to know what Lifecoaching & Therapy can do for you?           

Send a message _____ or _____  Call Hans immediately

What happy clients have to say

I recently had a very special and in-depth personal session with Hans to discover the path to "his who I am". He started with a personal meditation that immediately brought me into a good state of mind. After a brief and concise diagnostic interview and scoring how I felt, I started writing down, laying down, feeling through and shifting about 15 A4s with goals, power sources and blockages. The feeling brought out intense sensations: Physical: such as pressure on the chest but also feather lightness Emotional: such as intense sadness and crying but also joy and many smiles Mental: such as clear insights into what is important to me now and in the future   I now meditate daily on the final pattern of goals and sources of power. For me it is a personal and sensible direction indicator for a still largely unknown path of life.   Thank you Hans!

Tim – Project Manager at a corporation

The retreat of nonviolent communication was wonderful! The location; Land van Nu is located between green Groningen meadows and the care is particularly good. Aryvedic was specially prepared for our group: very healthy and delicious. You just felt the energy flow in. Occasionally people ate in silence, which was also very pleasant. The room was fine and the sauna was turned on on request. For an extra fee we could be massaged by Henriëtte and she also gave a nice yoga class one morning.

The course: Hans Kloosterman provides a safe group and environment. Within this he alternates mindfulness meditations and walking, information about the technique, yoga / movement theory with the practice of non-violent communication.

I have gained a lot of insight into this form of communication. For example, being reactive towards others is mainly related to your own old pain. That daring to be vulnerable and asking for help are necessary for non-violent communication. Once at home, this appears to apply well as long as I am aware of it. That is very nice because then everything you learn does not stay where you learned it. In short, this retreat is really recommended if you need loving connections and relationships with others, close by or further away from you. Moreover, you really rest from these four days. I'm glad I awarded this to myself.

Thank you Hans and the other participants. Namasté

Deirdre van der Wolk

I have followed a 1 on 1 coaching course with Hans for about 6 months. Hans is a nice open personality who knows what he is talking about. Together we have really made a transformation that I am very happy with. I have learned to live more in peace and in the NOW and to love myself more.

- Jessica Groeneveld – campaign manager - Auke Smits Den Haag

To bring more balance and energy into my work and private life, I had started looking for a method that I could integrate into my daily life. Previous experiences with coaching and training, often in attractive, beautiful environments, did not give me something that I could hold on to in my normal routine. Through Hans I discovered this method and now use it every day as a resting point and radar for my actions. Hans's ability to give mindfulness a deeper context, together with fun yoga exercises, has been a gift to me that I would like to give and recommend to anyone who, just like me, is looking for peace and wisdom.

- Geert, Director

Humor, commitment, expertise, combined with many useful techniques, that is what Hans has offered me. I enjoyed the life coaching route. It has put me on the trail of a better life, with more compassion for myself and others. The meditations pronounced by Hans are a nice tool to stay on the chosen path. Hans is free of judgments and is completely focused on making you understand: you can always just start over!

- Henriette 

I came to Hans a second time as I still felt so much sadness and did not understand where this came from. This has been going on in Mn life for quite some time. A deep sense of not being good enough even though I am a strong self-confident woman and am happy with who I am.

Hans has taken me to an earlier experience why I still seemed to be sad. When I thought back to it, I still had to cry. Then I was 8 years old. Not convenient. By means of a trauma processing tap technique (Emotional Freedom Technique) where you tap on 10 acupuncture pressure points while thinking of the negative event, I now slowly feel that this sadness is finally disappearing. By tapping, serotonin enters the blood and the negative event is overwritten on the primary brain. I feel more and more light and free from sorrow that I could not trace. Be strong in Mn shoes, also from very deep inside, and dare to show myself even more as I am. What a wonderful gift. Thank you Hans.

- Titia Dijkstra

More information

For more information about customized Lifecoaching & Therapy you can contact Hans Kloosterman via 06-27527941 or send an e-mail to info@hanskloosterman.com