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Follow your passion, your dreams at all times!  

 Who am I, what can I do and what do I want in life? Are 3 awareness questions from which you can learn to live. It starts with an awareness process: peeling off the layers of your automatic unaware behavior. If you start working on this process, you increasingly realize where your strengths and positive energy comes from and what you would like to add to the environment / society / world. You experience your life as meaningful. If you are going to live out off your passion ( your heart ) then all sorts of things start happening which you could not held for possible. You are, as it were, lifted by life, stimulated by the universal energy.


This is how it feels to me now. Since two years I am coaching people on the three questions of life and stimulate their expansion of consciousness through various techniques: yoga, mindfulness, chi kong, nlp, transformational coaching, personality tests like the Enneagram and value test Belbin. All that is needed for making a tailored approach for individuals or companies.

After 15 years, I could finally let go of my recruitment agency to choose the great adventure, to live from my heart. I have sold my company RS Group to the franchisees and now experience much space in my schedule to let things occur out of emptiness. I thought it would be nice to start quietly  the first year in the state of NON DOING but if youstart living out off your passion, then business just occurs and then its go with the flow, follow the stream of life.

Who want to live " from the inside out " and work on their awareness level, they can participate in the mindfulness training in The Hague or at the weekend retreats in the Tibetan institute in the Belgian Ardennes, May or September 2014. See the website :

You learn to live the moment, consciously train yourself in silence and attention, not being distracted and all kinds of Buddhist shamatha and vispassana meditation techniques are used to learn to focus and concentrate, for example: silent meditation, insight meditation, guided visualizations, breathing techniques, meditative walking, etc. In this way, you get insight into your behavior and all your habit patterns that you have taught yourself. Which will make you learn to observe yourself in the moment and you'll see what makes you happy and what not. By first recognizing and then accepting your patterns, you can then proceed to determine what else I want? What I want to change in my life? What I want to transform? How can I change that?

And by all this, I'm in my life mission: to increase or broaden awareness: Creating Awareness! 

If you become more conscious, you will make other choices for yourself and because of this YOU and your surroundings become happier .

Placed on; 07-03-2014

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