At our retreats we work with different masseurs / masseuses with the following specialties:

Massage Hans Kloosterman


Rebalancing is a treatment method based on the 'here and now'. Rebalancing is always based on the question: "What is happening now"? This experience in the 'now' is also called the 'felt sense' or 'felt experience'. Rebalancing bodywork is also based on an assumed 'energetic load' of the body. Where tension or emotional stress gets stuck in the body, more stiffness or even pain is experienced. The therapist 'feels' the body through massage for the presence or absence of 'blockages'. An attempt is made to release this blockage during treatment. The patient is lying on a treatment table during the treatment.

Rebalancing assumes, like many other alternative treatments and Eastern massage techniques, that a blockage in the body is caused by an imbalance of the so-called energetic body, such as an emotion. Working on this imbalance is called "emotional bodywork" and forms part of Rebalancing.

Cost: 60 euros per hour.

Ayuvedic head massage

Head, neck and shoulders are important energy centers in our body. By accumulating stress, this area can stiffen, which in turn causes other complaints. By the massage technique, by means of pressure points, also called weel marma points, the blockages can be lifted. We use specific head massage oil for this treatment. Duration of treatment: 40 minutes. Costs 40EUR.

Ayuvedic foot massage

With the Vital copper foot dish, with Ghee, and spice paste. Ghee is clarified butter from which the proteins have been removed. It contains no carbohydrates and sugars, and it is lactose free. Ghee is also used in Indian cuisine. The footrest, along with the Ghee, has a relaxing and strengthening effect on the body. The foot massage is part of the Ayurveda; the traditional Indian health theory. The copper in the shell supports the cleaning effect of the massage technique. Duration: 30 minutes. Costs: 35EUR


This is a total body massage with warm oil, adjusted to your body constitution. The type of oil is determined before the treatment. The body massage technique uses pressure points, also called marma points. This way, blockages in the body can be removed. It provides relaxation, relieves pain, and promotes the production of oxytocin (hug hormone), and serotonin (happiness hormone). Duration: 60 minutes. Cost: 60EUR.

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