Ayurvedic massage in The Hague

The massage has a cleansing effect, relaxes, nourishes and balances physically and spiritually. The self-healing ability of the body and the mind are stimulated.

The massage:
Improves the resistance, and activates the lymphatic system, and the circulatory system
combats stress, fatigue and insomnia
contributes to body awareness and relieve muscle tension
helps reduce symptoms and solutions such as back pain, neck pain, RSI, whiplash, rheumatism, stress, burnout, digestive problems and headaches
The ayurvedic massage is suitable for everyone, healthy or sick, old and young. There are some contraindications which is not recommended to undergo (Ayurvedic) massage: during the first three months of pregnancy, cancer, fever, right after eating.

The ayurvedic massage is a treat for body and mind.

Price; 60 euros per hour:  

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Make the test now to know what your division is between vata, pitta and kapha: http://fascinerend.nl/ayurveda/uw-constitutiebepaling. If you are going to participate in this massage, forward your outcome to: info@hanskloosterman.com.

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