Hans Kloosterman


Occupation parents
Father: farmer
Mother: Housewife
Parents and grandparents were yoga practitioners.

Life line
At the age of 10-12 years I read the 3 books: “the power in yourself”rdquo;, “visualisation/positive thinking” and “not tomorrow but now”. Writer: Dyer. These books coloured my vision on life

I start working in fashion. I travelled for my work around the world for 12 years as a buyer/buying manager for clothing because. This profession gave me the opportunity to meet different people and their culture. I read a lot about different cultures ( Taoism, Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, Communism, Koran/Islam) and I did yoga in the most stressful periods of my life to stay more in balance at a yoga centre in Amsterdam

I had my own business/recruitment company to help people find a new job in the retail sector. I discovered that my strength was: increase the awareness of people, so they could make a better decisions and could lead a happier life because of this (less suffering)

I began a 3 years hatha yoga and 2 years meditation training at Osmose Institute – The Hague – Teacher degree.

August: one week breathing course: breathing course, meditation, singing Mantras – Hindu tradition guru Ajata Stam – life school Govindadhama – Hoorn (Netherlands)

Every 3 months, one afternoon coaching from Guru Ajata Stam – Mantra singing + every month 1 chapter of  the book “the 196 sutras of patanjali “ – 4 chapters - Hindu tradition

July. Discover the Buddhism study trip to Katmandoe/Nepal – Pulahari Monastery – one week education in Buddhist principles and meditation cours, Tara, Tjenrezig and Mahakala pudjas practising every day 1 week study trip to Tibet – Lhasa – visited 3 monasteries: Potala, Lakdang,
November – full moon meditation – Milarepa lama Huy Tjenrezig pudja – Schoten every Thursday
25 November – refuge to Buddha – Lama Zeupa – Huy
Hans Kloosterman given Buddhist name: Karma Tsultrim Tharchin
Vision for the future and my motivation:
a)    develop myself as a Buddhist teacher to help people discover inner happiness, be in contact with compassion and love and teach this old spiritual tradition to others.
b)    Introducing Buddhism principles in the business life

Following teachings from Lama Karta, Lama Zeupa, Lama Tashi Nima at Tibetan Institute in Vajrayana center in Cadzand, Brussel, Schoten en Huy.
Approval from Lama Karta to become a monk. 1 year probation and then another 3 year probation.
Starting meditation on the 4 general preliminary exercises: precious human body, Death, Karma and the life of Samsara.

4 month retreat in Tibetan Institute in Huy to do the pre elementary exercises, starting with prostrations January up till April.

2014 – till now                                                                                                                                                Independent coach, yoga and mindfulness teacher at:
Yoga and Mindfulness Retreats at the Tibetan Institute in Huy/Belgium
Ciran reintegration institute in Amersfoort/Netherlands
Aegon in The Hague and Leeuwarden/Netherlands
Healtcity sportclub in The Hague/Netherlands
Linggan Yogastudio in the Hague/Netherlands
Group and Individual lessons

Studies and Courses in detail:

Date Subject Lenght of course Teacher Place
June 2006 Middle way by Nagarjuna 4 days Dalai Lama Brussels
February 2006 Tibetan writing and reading 2 evenings Frans Schoten
March 2006 How to look at the spirit 2 days Lama Taschi Nima & Frans Cadzand
March 2007 Tsjenrezig pudja teachting on devotion to the teacher 1.5 days Lama Karta Schoten
September 2007 Basic principles of buddism 3 days Lama Karta Huy
April 2007 Nirvana and Samsara 1.5 hours Lama Karta Schoten
May 2007 Tibetaanse yoga 2 days Lama Zeupa Huy
May 2007 Buddha Menla Pudja Evening Lama Zeupa Schoten
May 2007 Lodjong – Buddhism in daily life 4 days Lama Zeupa Cadzand
June 2007 Yoga and Meditiaton 2,5 days Sari & Wendy Huy
June 2007 What is wishdom? 1/12 hours Lama Karta Schoten
June 2007 Tsjeud 5 days Lama Teunsang Montchardon, France
June 2007 Visiting lamas 3 days Lama Ngawang Paris and Bourgogne France
July 2007 Tara Initiation 3 days 3 Lamas Huy
July 2007 Mahakala initiation 3 days 3 Lamas Huy
August 2007 3 lamas, 3 vehicles 3 days 3 Lamas Huy
August 2007 Tcheud and the 3 lamas 5 days 3 Lamas Huy
September 2007 3 sources lama, yidam and protector Evening Lama Karta Schoten
Oktober 2007 5 skandas Evening Lama Karta Schoten
Oktober 2007 Workshop 4 memories 1 day Lama Karta Kortrijk
Oktober 2007 Amitabha initiation and teaching 5 days 3 Lamas Huy
November 2007 4 royal trues 2 days Lama Zeupa Cadzand
November 2007 Impermenance Evening Lama Tashi Nima Schoten
November 2007 Spirituality and company management 1 day Lama Karta Brussels
November 2007 12 Chains of independent origin Evening Lama Zeupa Schoten
December 2007 Method and wisdom Evening Lama Zeupa Schoten
Jan  till April 2008 Teaching Preliminary exercises Evening and 3 weeks All Lamas Huy
Jan 2008 Boeddha Menla teaching 2 days Lama Ngawang Huy
Febr 2008 Mahakala Ritual 1 day Lama Ngawang Huy
Febr 2008 Losar 2 days Lama Ngawang Tempa Huy
Febr 2008 Nuoung Ne 2 days Lama Tashi Nima Huy
Febr 2008 Meditation Shinee 2 days Lama Tashi Nima Huy
April 2008 Layman vows 2 days Lama Tashi Nima Huy
May 2008 Initiation Tjenrezig 1/5 day Lama Karta Schoten
June 2008 Karling Shidro 3 days 50 monks and lamas Huy
July 2008 Dordjee Sempa Teaching – Preliminary practise 1 hour Lama Zeupa Huy
July 2008 Mahakala poedjas long version 24 hours 2 days of one week 30 monks + 10 lamas Huy
August 2008 Tsjeud practice 2 days of 3 days 30 monks + 6 lamas Huy
September 2008 Tibetan yoga 2 days Lama Zeupa Huy
November 2008 Tibetan yoga 2 days Lama Zeupa Huy
March 2009 Lodjong 2 days Lama Zeupa Huy
March 2009 Tibetan yoga 1 day Lama Zeupa Huy
April 2009 Renewal layman vows   Lama Karta Huy
August 2009 Tjeud 1 day Different lamas Huy
March 2010 Four noble truths 1 day Lama Zeupa Huy
April/May 2010 Different subjects 3 days Kalu Rinpoche Huy/Cadzand
June 2010 Tibetan Yoga 4 days Lama Zeupa Cadzand
August 2010 Tjeud 2 days Different Lamas Huy
Aug 2011 Shinee/Lhagtong 3 days Dalai Lama Toulouse, France
June 2011 Chi Kong 2 days Rosario Martine van de Acker Bever, Belgium
May 2012 Loving kindness 1 day Dalai Lama Huy
June 2012 Love, compassion, tolerance in daily live 1 day Dalai Lama Amsterdam
2012 8 weeks program mindfulness at Blancday 8 evenings a 2,5 hours Sabine van der Post Amsterdam
Jan till Febr 2013 Dordjee Sempa preliminary practise finished 6 weeks Lama Zeupa families house Sikkim
2013 Shinee - Lhagtong/ Shamatha- Vipassana 5 Weekends/ 10 days Lama Zeupa and Lama Tashi Nima Huy
June 2013 Yin Yoga 2 Days Sarah Powers Amsterdam
June till oktober Chi Kong 8 x 2 uur Joyce van Nelfen The Hague
Augustus till November 2013 4 noble truths and  the 6 paramitas 3 x 1,5 day Lama Zeupa, Lama Tashi Nima, Lama Nga Wang Huy and Leusden
November 2013 Mindfulness 2 Days Khandro Huy
July till Dec 2014 Mandala preliminary practise     Huy /The Hague
July 2014 The Work 1 Day Byron Katie Amsterdam
August 2014 Chi Kong 3 days Dick Nijssen Heerde
April 2015 Mindfulness 1 day

Jon Kabat Zinn

May 2015

Advaita weekend

2 days

Paul Smit

July 2015 Summer Retreat Mahamoedra 5 days

lama Tashi Nima


May 2016

organisational family constellations/systemic work

2 days Phoenix institute William & Denise Heemstede Netherlands

June 2016

Dzogchen Retreat

5 days

7 de Dzogchen Rinpoche Jigme Losel Wango

Vorden, Netherlands

July 2016

Certificate for Mindfulness Trainer MBSR 8 days

Centrum voor Mindfulness


Feb till Dec 2017

Category 1 Trainer Education 11 months Rob Brandsma - Centrum voor Mindfulness Amsterdam

July 2017

Yoga & Meditation Retreat 7 days Patrick Vermeulen - Svaha Yoga School Amsterdam Crete

July 2017

Non Duality Retreat 6 days Bentinho Massaro Venlo

November 2017

workshop Chi Kong 1 day Patricia van Walraven Bussloo

Maart 2018

EFT practioner niveau 1 2 days Steven de Nie (Psycholoog) Arnhem

September 2018 until July 2019

Family and organization setups 1 year Hylke Bonnema (Psycholoog) Amsterdam

Februrary 2019

EHBO Diploma obtained  -  -


Sept 2019 until sept 2020     

 Family and organizational constellations    2nd year      Hylke Bonnema (Psycholoog)


Sept 2019 until dec  2020

TRE Tension and stress Release – 7 physical exercises to release the spoas muscle

1,5 years Marc Doomernik




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