There is a lot of stress in Western society. Doing more with fewer people seems to be a normal new norm.

The number of burnouts is therefore increasing drastically. Something needs to be done about this.

This 4-day retreat is completely focused on helping with stress reduction. So that you are helped to prevent or cure a burnout.

Read further below what the retreat can mean for you.

This retreat is organized in collaboration with Fit Body & Mind.

Yoga en Mindfulness Weekend in ZeelandYoga en Mindfulness Weekend in Zeeland

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There is a lot of stress in Western society. Doing more with fewer people seems to be a normal new norm. Profit maximization remains number 1 instead of profit optimization in combination with attention to human well-being. Through social media, the world and beyond has become open and transparent and we are overwhelmed with an enormous amount of information and communication. We want a good balance between our private and business activities, but we are not successful.

Where are you in the graph of work quantity and work pressure?

Yoga en Mindfulness Weekend Retraite Werkdruk 

To be able to relax and learn on a deeper layer, this retreat has been specially composed with the following components (see program)

The starting point of the retreat is stillness, depth relaxation, energy building, insight knowledge and wisdom. In addition to individual inner vision, there is also room for sharing and connecting with each other if you wish. During the yoga & mindfulness retreat, different yoga techniques and mindfulness meditations are combined with each other, to bring depth to yourself and to experience how both reinforce each other. You will become acquainted with a mix of hatha yoga, Tibetan yoga, Chi Kong, mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises and rituals. The retreat is for both beginners and advanced.

Yoga ensures a healthy and relaxed body and thus paves the way for a deeper inner vision and feeling. We examine and experience our three bodies: the physical body (attitudes), the energetic / emotional body (feeling) and the mental body (thinking). With power, inspiration and connection as a starting point, you learn to recognize and understand your automatic thinking and behavior patterns through yoga and mindfulness exercises. This way you learn to function more effectively, both at home and at work.

Throughout the retreat you can enjoy a nice collection of yoga books and magazines, nature walks, get acquainted with inspiring people and you can use the environment for your tranquility. In between, delicious vegetarian meals are prepared.

The Yoga and Mindfulness retreat is given by Hans Kloosterman.

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Take the class that suits you. And if you just feel like a treatment or something else, just skip it.
Our retreat motto is: "Everything is allowed, nothing is necessary."

The program will be announced at the start and will look something like this:


14.00 Arrival with tea / coffee and allocation of rooms
15.00 Opening: introduction and Circle of Hi!
16.00 Chi Kung and yoga
20.00 Mindfulness: body scan
21.00 Free time: wellness and chilling out


08.00 hatha yoga
10.00 Silent walk in nature
11.00 Mindfulness + instruction mandala signs
13.30 Leisure time: relaxation, treatments and massages
16.30 Discuss Mandala
20.00 Mindfulness: body scan
21.00 Free time

Wednesday - Silence

08.00 Yin yoga, 6 healing sounds of the Tao
10.00 Mindful walk through the landscape
11.00 Stress education
13.30 Leisure time: relaxation, treatments and massages
16.30 Mindfulness: Understanding meditations and reflection with the theme: taking responsibility for your own life.
20.00 Meditation & Mantras for letting go, accepting and transforming
21.00 Free time

Thursday – Silent morning

08.00 Yin yoga, 6 healing sounds
10.00 Silent walk through the landscape
11.00 Teaching 4 G Model: Event, thoughts, feelings and behavior.
Lift silence.
13.30 Transformation of physical, emotional and mental negativity, theory, practice and realization in the mind.
15.00 Sharing and connecting and singing bowl concert
4 pm Circle of Bye

Take the class that suits you. And if you just feel like a treatment or something else, just skip it.

Our retreat motto is: "Everything is allowed, nothing is necessary."

9 am breakfast
12.30 lunch
6.30 pm dinner

Free Time

There is also plenty of room for relaxation and rest outside the program. Time for yourself! But also for movement, deepening, processing, stillness, meeting and for nature.

At this beautiful location you can enjoy (massage) treatments, wellness with saunas, hot tub, outdoor swimming pool and solarium. But you can also get a breath of fresh air on the beach, ride a bike on a loan, relax with a book or chill in the living room or on the terrace.


Our own professional team provides treatments. The services offered depend on the composition of the team. There is always relaxation massage, but also regular rebalance or coaching.

This ultimate physical relaxation is optional and for a friendly extra charge. You can register on the spot.

Relax program
Especially for people who mainly come to relax and do not follow a full program, for example partners. With this you only have access to the open lessons (lessons before breakfast and after dinner). On the spot you can of course extend this to full participation.

+ Where (Click to expand)

Retreat & wellness center De Schouw in Zeeland

Wading in space and tranquility, this retreat center is situated on a spacious, sheltered estate. The cozy building is light, attractive and spacious. This center offers an attractive living and dining room, a quiet room and three workshop rooms.

Yoga en Mindfulness Weekend in ZeelandYoga en Mindfulness Weekend in ZeelandYoga en Mindfulness Weekend in Zeeland

In the wellness department you will find saunas, hot water bath, cold water tub, foot bath, scrub salt, tanning bed and various treatment rooms.

The beautiful garden has an outdoor swimming pool, a lawn with sun loungers, a sunny terrace and various cozy corners to come to yourself.

The natural environment invites to extensive beach, dune and / or forest walks.

View the accommodation page for more information, photos and film impression about accommodation, estate and surroundings.

 Yoga en Mindfulness Weekend in Zeeland


The food is vegetarian, organic and very tasty. 'Conscious', honest and appropriate to the retreat, it is passionately cared for by Karin van Puur cooking with Passion and other professional chefs.

Various flavors of tea and water are available continuously (free of charge) and coffee is available at various times. You can also drink a glass of organic wine, a natural beer or an organic fruit / vegetable juice at friendly prices.


You can easily reach this location by car and there is private parking on site.

By train you travel to Rotterdam CS, by metro to Zuidplein station and then by bus (80 min) to the accommodation. Or to Goes station and then by bus (40 minutes).

View the Accommodation page for more information on route and travel options.

Spa & Health Center De Schouw
Donkereweg 1
4317 AM Noordgouwe


For years many have been carpooling from / to our locations. At registration you specify whether you are looking for passengers or want to ride with them. Contact each other yourself for arrangements about departure times and places. We also look at logistic carpool matches.

View the Carpool page for offered rides and hitchhikers.

+ Teachers (Click to expand)

Hans Kloosterman

Hans Kloosterman

For the last 5 years, Hans has supplemented his knowledge with partial certificates in Western psychology, mainly focused on stress reduction, burnout and trauma processing. Hans Kloosterman has gained much of his knowledge and expertise as a monk in a Tibetan monastery and studies body and spirit from the Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and way of life.

Because of this background combined with 25 years of entrepreneurial and management experience in the fashion sector in the purchasing, sales and recruitment departments, Hans makes a special teacher and coach.

Hans is the author of the bestseller book "From snob to monk". His calling is: "Discovering your True Self". See also on www.hanskloosterman.com.

+ Costs (Click to expand)
  • 3 nights
    8 yoga classes of 1.5 hours
    8 guided mindfulness meditations
    3 fully catered vegetarian meals per day
    2 weeks in advance you will receive an email with more info / details and a carpool list
    Unlimited water, tea, coffee and fruit


Tarrifs are per person 

  • Room with bathroom: € 680 - single room | € 600 double room | € 555 - 3 / 4p room

  • Room with sink: € 640 - single room | € 570 double room | € 525 - 3 / 4p room


Signing up

You can sign up for the following dates

Mon 02-03-2020 - Thu 05-03-2020

Sign up

Way of payment
You can wiretransfer the amount to the bankaccount noted in your confirmation e-mail after you have signed up.

If you are in possession of a dutch Bank account, you can pay through iDeal. After you've signed up you will receive an automatic confirmation email in which the payment details and an iDeal payment link is included. If you can, please try to pay with iDeal as it diminishes the administration time. Using iDeal will automatically process your payment. If it's not possible you can wire transfer the amount. See the bank-details on the invoice or watch under my website/contactdetails. Many thanks.

Click on the Sign up button to proceed to the sign up form.

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