Are the costs deductible?

Do you have your own company or practice? The coaching programs are 100% tax deductible.

Are you employed? Managers are often also willing to reimburse your coaching sessions with your personal budget.

Are you a private individual? A coaching and mindfulness session is 100% deductible if there is an individual learning path. It then falls under training costs (you gain knowledge under supervision or supervision). In all other cases, coaching & mindfulness is limited deductible. Depending on your income, you will receive 30 to 50% back from the tax authorities.

Career guidance is 100% deductible until the end of 2020.

Your deductible is 250 euros and the maximum you can declare is 15,000 euros per year. 

Health insurance: I am a category 1 Mindfulness trainer and affiliated with the VMBN association.

If you are additionally insured, you will receive 250 to 500 euros a year back from the health insurance. This differs per policy / health insurer. You can inquire about this.

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