Cancellation policy:

- Yoga & meditation & mindfulness retreats.

We adhere to the travel and booking conditions that the ANVR and SGR have agreed with the Consumers' Association.

We work with so-called "credit vouchers". Specifically, if you want to cancel or a retreat is canceled, the travel organization must offer an alternative in the form of rescheduling the date of the retreat booked. If you cannot use the provided alternative / date, no money will be returned. Instead, you will receive a credit voucher in the form of a digital voucher that is carefully stored in our automated system.

If you use a voucher and have chosen a different date / event, you can cancel 2 weeks in advance while retaining the voucher. If you cancel in the weeks before an event, your voucher will expire. The vouchers issued during the corona crisis are valid until 1 Jan 2023

- 1 on 1 coaching sessions.
The full amount of the planned coaching & therapy session will be charged if the client cancels the appointment within 24 hours before the existing appointment.