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New years' resolutions...

The new year starts, you have your resolutions ready, but will you be able to realize them? In today's society we experience a lot of stress. In our mind are too many thoughts and that makes it difficult to coop with things. Calmth and relaxation is very welcome.

That is the intention of this midweek Yoga & Mindfulness. It will make you connect to the inner you and will learn you how to deal with negative emotions and to tranform them into positive. Even when you have pain and want to learn how to deal with it, Mindfulness can provide the answer.

What you get during this retreat

* 4 nights in a shared room 
* 2 yoga & mindfulness classes a day
* Mindfulness workshops on how to enlarge conciousness and energy.
* Calmth (Shamatha) & Insight meditation (Vipassana) & Non dual meditation (Samadi)
* Silence periods, for example during walks in nature, some lunches and meditations.
* Unlimited supply of water, tea, coffee and fruit
* 3 vegatarian meals a day
* Holistic massage ( not included in the price )

Date, Location, Price

Date; 26-01-15 until 30-01-15
Location: Helios center in Heerde the Netherlands
Price: € 495,00 p.p. 

See the website of the Helios centre

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Placed on; 02-11-2014

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