5 frequently asked questions about Yin Yoga

Today we undertake many dynamic and intensive activities in our daily lives. Consider what you are doing in one day. Many people run from hot to here and do not take the time to stand still and observe their bodies. In Yoga we also call these activities “Yang”. Yoga styles that are aimed at making the body physically strong also belong to this category. Yang energy is masculine, visible, light, mobile, upward and superficial.

With Yin Yoga we want to relax and stand still for a while. Yin energy is feminine, hidden, dark, immobile, downward and deep. Yin and Yang are inextricably linked. We need both of them.


Yin Yoga originated in California and has a total of 27 asanas.

At Yin Yoga you calmly come into a pose and the asanas are held for three to five minutes. In this way, the connective tissue is slowly stretched and hydrated and the joints remain flexible. This creates space in the connective tissue and joints. Everything in our body has a layer of connective tissue. Connective tissue supports, connects, protects our organs and gives our body structure.

By stretching the muscles through Yin Yoga, tension and stress are released. In this way you not only create space in your body, but also in your head and heart.

Yin Yoga has even more advantages. In this way it stimulates a good flow of prana (life energy) in the body. This life energy flows through the meridians in the body and in the blood circulation. Meridians are narrow energy channels in the skin. These energy channels are all interconnected. The prana that flows through your body through these meridians ultimately has a positive effect on health. It is good for your organs, your immune system and your emotional state.


Yin Yoga can be healing for people where the balance between Yin and Yang is lost. In our busy lives, the Yang energy is often predominant. Yin Yoga can help you regain this balance.

In addition, people with rigid connective tissue can benefit greatly from Yin Yoga. Because of the deep stretching during the asanas, Yin Yoga can help you make the connective tissue more mobile. Yin Yoga is also highly recommended for anyone who wants to become more flexible.

Not only can Yin Yoga mean a lot to you physically, but also emotionally Yin Yoga can help you enormously. During the asanas you have the space to observe thoughts and feelings. You can eventually take the wisdom you find in this space with you again.


During a Yin yoga class, the asanas are held on average longer than with other Yoga styles. The focus of Yin Yoga is mainly on stretching the muscles, which is not always the case in other yoga styles.

Yin Yoga is a meditative form of yoga. While doing the asanas, you go in with your attention, so that you can recognize and recognize what is inside you.


Many people face a lot of stress in everyday life and therefore benefit from the benefits of Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga increases the Yin energy in the body and harmonizes Yin and Yang.

Most Yin Yoga practitioners enjoy the peace and quiet they experience during a Yin Yoga class. Because the poses are held for a longer period of time, they get the opportunity to get into the pose at their own pace. This allows them to better feel and observe their body during exercise.

Yin Yoga helps to get to know yourself better and to feel more love for yourself.


Placed on; 31-03-2020

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