Workshop 12 October: Mindfulness and Acceptance

Become self-conscious of thought or behavioral patterns that you find hard to accept within yourself or in others. That is what the workshop Mindfulness and Acceptance on the 12th of October is all about. How do you achieve this? By going over Buddhist concepts such as; inter-dependancy, impermanence, the void, disrupting emotions, and kharma. The 6 to be developed virtues (paramitas) can help you to deal with certain thought and behavioral patterns. After the theory, you will be doing hatha yoga, concentration (shamatha) and insight meditation (vipassana). A special part of this workshop is heart meditation on account of the Heart Sutra of The Buddha about the receiving of wisdom. During this workshop you will find out what you need to be happy on a physical, emotional and mental level. In your heart reside emotions such as: acceptance, gratitude, love, compassion, friendship, belonging, forgiveness, pain, sadness, vulnerability, and wisdom. But how do we find a proper balance in relation to the other? What is necessary to achieve that? Find out on this workshop. There are still places left. Sign up now! Workshop Mindfulness en Acceptance Date: Sunday 12th of October 2014 Time: 14.00 - 17.00 Location: Yoga & Lifestyle studio LINGGAN in "het Spaanse hof" in Den Haag Price: 30 euros

Placed on; 05-10-2014

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